Assortment boxes

Five reasons why we recommend you select the MADEIRA Assortment Boxes:

1. There's always the perfect choice and combination of colours for sampling!

2. The colour assortments contain full size 1000m spools. Sampling is therefore adaptable and immediate, even with colours you don't normally hold in stock!

3. Colour matching from an actual spool is even easier than from the shadecard!

4. A spool can be laid directly onto the fabric and the colour match will not be compromised by surrounding colours, as in shadecard matching!

5. Each colour is stored in its own numbered compartment within the drawer unit. Corresponding shade numbers are printed on the top of the unit, in drawer and section order providing a complete overview of all colours within and any to be replaced are easily identified!

A practical working tool for every day use, clean and well organised, MADEIRA Colour Assortment boxes are available for the following MADEIRA threads: CLASSIC 40, POLYNEON 40 & FROSTED MATT 40.