E-ZEE Backing materials

To achieve high-quality embroideries, the background fabric should be stabilized with a backing material. The E-ZEE programme from Madeira offers a wide selection of backing materials to fulfil all requirements.

These are the advantages of E-ZEE:

• optimum stabilisation
• different weights
• quick and easy to remove
• very soft
• excellent price/value for money

The E-ZEE range includes cut-away and tear-away backing materials in different compositions and weights. Also, fusible backing materials are available to better stabilise, i.e. stretchy knitwear.

The overview of the range:

CMX and SMX are high quality and very stable wet-laid backings. The
production process of these materials allows a regular alignment and
distribution of the fibres. This is why these all-round backings are resistant and soft at the same time.

WEB and WEBLON are soft and resistant cut-away backing materials. Due to their particular structures, they can be used also underneath light colored fabrics and does not show through. WEB and WEBLON are the perfect solution to stabilize knitwear and piqué.

The PES cut away backing materials are available in a hard and a soft version. PES hard is especially suitable for embroidery on caps.

Well established in the market due to its good value for money and the excellent tear-away characteristics, Cotton Soft is designed to be less
stretchy than most classic backings, therefore it will tear easily if stretched too much in a border frame. The huge advantage of Cotton Soft is that any remain will be completely soft after the first washing, as Cotton Soft is of 100% cotton.

The self adhesive Stick On is the best solution for fabrics or cuttings, which need to be stabilized but cannot be framed.

All is easy with E-ZEE!

Don´t hesitate, try them now! Samples free of charge are at your disposal.

And don´t forget that MADEIRA has the patented embroidery technique for backing free embroidery production: the MadeirAS All Soft Embroidery.
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